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While We Have Time - what is it??

Les has a plan, some say it's a crazy plan, but he's going ahead with it anyway. Four guys in their 70's (Les and three buddies), and a cameraman, are going to drive around the world in Suzuki Jimny's, and make a film of their adventures. The film title ... While We Have Time. Why are they doing it, to raise money for the charity, Heaven Can Wait I'm Busy. 

One of the Jimny's they'll be driving

Introduction Video

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How did it all come about??  Well here's a little history from Les Carvall himself  .....

There comes a time in your life when you have to stop what you are doing, take time to reflect on your past achievements, and what the future has in store for you. Having reluctantly retired from a successful business career at sixty eight, I found myself thinking about the question, what do I do now? My natural instinct was to start another business, this idea however met with disapproval from my family and would have caused unrest if I had persisted. There is only so much decorating and gardening you can do and the thought of joining the local bowls club depressed me, giving in to old age is not going to happen without a fight.

It was during the latter part of 2010 when it happened. My wife and I, together with some friends, were in Greece and had decided to drive to Meteora up in the mountains for a short break. As we were driving we came across a convoy of classic cars speeding in the opposite direction, on the side of each vehicle was displayed, Peking to Paris Rally. It immediately aroused my interest. Over the next few weeks I focused my thoughts and energy on what I needed to do to become a rally driver, apart from owning a classic car that is. During my studying of various maps and rally routes I casually looked to see if it would be possible to drive around the world, the more I looked at the route the more I wanted to do it. Needless to say at that time my family didn’t know what I was thinking.

I had been carrying out a study of what I was planning, to get some idea of the likely problems I would encounter, when one evening as I was looking at some maps I happened to glance at the TV and a programme highlighting the plight, hunger, and suffering of children around the world. It suddenly became clear to me, the journey around the world would not only be a personal goal and achievement for me, it could also become a way of raising money for children’s charities. It’s now 2012 and at 72 years young, the idea of driving around the world has become a reality, and grown into a viable fund raising charity known as Heaven Can Wait I’m Busy. The aim is to bring people of all walks of life and all ages working together as a team to raise money for children’s charities and other worthy causes at home, and around the world.

As part of the charity's programme we have organised a fund raising journey driving around the world known as, The Ultimate Challenge. It is sponsored partly by Suzuki GB, the remainder of the basic journey cost has been contributed by those taking part. We have two Suzuki Jimny’s which at the moment form the basis of what we call The Road Show. Together with flags and pennants, we have attended events in the south during the year, and will continue up until departure date, to raise money for the children’s charities. On Sunday March 31st 2013 the vehicles depart on their journey around the world.

SUZUKI GB are major sponsors and have been generous with vehicle support. The basic cost of the journey has already been raised from contributions from those taking part. However, due to the growing media interest we need to raise additional sponsorship to cover the cost of employing a professional film crew and a third vehicle for crew and equipment. The culmination of the journey will be the film, While We Have Time, to be sold to TV companies to boost the funds raised for the charity.

We propose to arrive back in the UK on the 12th September 2013, arriving at the Southampton Boat Show on opening day to meet the public and become a feature attraction. Hopefully we will continue to raise more money for the charity while we're there. At some point during September or November the journey vehicles will be auctioned, the money raised will also be added to the charitable fund.

The increasing profile of the project has attracted sponsors such as Suzuki GB, Boris Johnson the Mayor of London, N.K.Y Shipping, Castrol Oil, Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company Europe, together with a large number of local sponsors. 

Les Carvall Heaven Can Wait I'm Busy Founder and Project Director

You can read more about the entire project on our website.

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