Friday, 14 December 2012

Project Conference

An update from the Project Director Les Carvall …

November the 16th was an uplifting day for the guys who will take part in, The Ultimate Challenge, to drive around the world in aid of charity. I have made a point throughout the period of the project of coming together and keeping everybody informed as to our progress and what I'm currently involved in. The project has been driven forward in this way for a year or so and it seemed to work OK. However Charles, one of our crew members, mentioned some time ago that it would be a good idea to have our next meeting at a neutral venue rather than at one of our houses. With that in mind we met at the Novatel at Southampton for what was to be our first conference.

There were five of us sitting around the table and I have to say everybody got a great lift out of being together to review what we have achieved and discussing what lies ahead. We were able to spend time analysing all aspects of the training programme, the progress as far as preparation of the vehicles, the route and the itinerary. Talking about the route and itinerary, the question was raised about security. If we travel with only two vehicles there is limited security provision. We generally agreed that to reduce the security risk we should include a support vehicle and a guide/translator to accompany the crew through high risk areas. The third vehicle is also important to accommodate the camera man and equipment to ensure the quality of the film being made of the journey 'While We Have Time'. Making the decision to do this is easy, finding the money to pay for it, not so easy.

Finding sponsors at this time is difficult, the basic journey will be paid for by those taking part, one of our tasks now is to talk to sponsors to raise money for the third vehicle and crew. All in all the conference was a success it brought every one closer together.

Les Carvall Project Director

Those around the table Les , Alan, Charles, Roger, Peter, and Glyn behind the camera

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