Friday, 22 March 2013

Alan Butler - Ultimate Challenge International Speaker

Alan Butler, Heaven Can Wait I'm Busy Trustee and crew member has been away on holiday for the last month. Part of his time away was spent in New Zealand visiting his son and daughter-in-law and their children. He had been there a few days when his granddaughter asked him about The Ultimate Challenge and why he was taking part. He explained what was happening and that it was all about raising money for children less fortunate than ourselves. She seemed content with the explanation and it was left at that. 

The next day his granddaughter him if he would come to the school in two days time to talk to the children and tell them all about The Ultimate Challenge. It is not the sort of thing Alan likes to do but to pacify his granddaughter he agreed and thought no more of it. Two days later he was working hard relaxing when his granddaughter came up to him and said, Grandad, you promised that you would come to school today to talk to the children. Anyway, he didn't think much about it as she dragged him to the school together with the rest of the family.  What the hell he thought, talk to them for half an hour, anything for a quiet life. 

He got to the school and was met by one of the teachers and made welcome.  He tried to explain that he was happy to talk to the children and asked what classroom he needed to go to. They gave him a strange look and guided him along a corridor to a door at the end and opened it for him to walk through.  

To his horror he had walked onto a stage and was facing 500 children all eager to hear all about the journey around the world. He nearly fainted from shock.  Before he knew it they that introduced him as Alan - Indiana - Butler, shoved a microphone into his hand and pushed him to the front of the stage. 

He stood there for what seemed an eternity wanting to speak but couldn't because his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth.  Eventually he freed his tongue and started talking and it is said that he gave a good presentation. 

Alan now thinks he is a professional speaker and every time he tells the story it gets expanded, we have all heard it many times. 

Note of caution ....... if you're proposing to see us off on the 31st DON'T ask Alan how he got on in New Zealand!!

Les Carvall


  1. Nothing like getting throw in the deep end. When you come back you can do it again with pictures.

  2. Yea the best picture would have been his face when he walked out onto that stage!!