Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Les shows off his war wound

With the two Jimnys safely tucked up in a container and on their way to Vancouver, I took the opportunity to dash off to Greece to meet up with my wife.  I needed to give her a kiss and a cuddle as I have not seen her for over two months, it doesn't do to let them get too used to being on their own, they may get to like it!

Anyway some weeks ago, I think it was when driving through Mongolia that I did something to my left hand, I don't know what I did exactly but I know it hurt at the time. Being the sort of person I am, and for the good of the project, I pushed the pain to one side and carried on as a good around the world driver does, regardless. However the time came to catch my flight to Athens via Moscow and to pack everything that I needed to take with me. First I put out for packing my real fur Yeti type knee length boots, my top coat and thick roll neck sweaters as they will be out of place in mid summer in Canada and the U.S and my foul weather gear now that the monsoon season has passed, that had to go as well. This lot and a number of other items when packed into my brightly coloured laundry bag totalled almost 20 kilos, just under my limit for the baggage hold.

I also had to take with me all the filming equipment in case it got nicked while the Jimnys were unguarded along with my mobile office (another bag) containing all my documents and papers that I need to look at when I can sit still for a few minutes. So there I am, my laundry bag that I swap hands to carry and the two other bags slung around my neck, people must have thought that I was vagrant trying to sneak on the plane.  Anyway lugging these bags on and off buses and planes took it's toll on my left hand, it had swollen and was hurting real bad. I put up with it for a day or two but after that I had to give in and go to the hospital. By this time my hand was in a bit of a mess and thought for sure they will have to remove it and replace it with a marine grade stainless steel hook.

Needless to say I had let my imagination take over. The X-ray showed no damage or broken bones and all that was need was to rest it.  So now it's bandaged up and the panic is over, I should be fit to fly to Vancouver in a week or so to meet up with the Jimnys after their sea voyage.  

Les showing off his war wound

All I have to do now is to talk my lovely wife in to carrying my bags to Athens airport! Well you don't want me to hurt my hand again do you.   Les

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  1. Have a good time Les and I look forward to the Canadian side of the trip.