Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's busy behind the scenes

It might not seem so busy on the Blog, Facebook or Twitter at the moment, but behind the scenes it's still very active.  Les is writing articles that will appear in magazines over the next month or two. He's sifting through the hundreds of photos that were taken by everyone who took part and we're busily preparing for the homecoming celebrations.

Here's a selection of more unseen photos .....

Into Mongolia .... the dirt roads begin 13.5.13

Cross roads in the middle of the Mongolian Desert

The broken rear left lower shock absorber broke, we discuss a plan of action

We were lucky we found a man meticulous about his work. 
He welded the shock absorber bolt together while the bolt was in place. 
It took all the punishment of the Mongolian section and the rest of the trip.

A job well done, this man was a real gem.

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  1. What can you say after all those miles and you had one broken bolt, how many more cars could say that