Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Jimnys new arrival date

We have had a frustrating time over the past weeks as a result of the shipping company. Our agent in Vladivostok incorrectly coded our container incorrectly, resulting in it being left on the Hong Kong docks while they sorted out the problem.This happened not once but twice, with the result of missing two sailings. 

However, the good news came from our agent late yesterday confirming that our container, with, I hope, our cars inside, has been loaded on to the ship Clementine Muersk and will arrive at Vancouver on July 21st.  

The programme now is that I will travel to Vancouver on July 15th  to deal with the paperwork and port clearance of the vehicles, check the equipment and re-victual.  Then I'll be ready for Roger Winkworth and Glyn Maher, my traveling companions for Stage 4, and begin the final stage of the journey around the world. 

My task now is to re-schedule the itinerary, to overcome the problem the shipping company has caused of the Jimnys arriving 20 days later than originally planned.  I have already produced a new draft of the route and some information on the itinerary which Maureen will publish together with further information as it becomes available. I will keep you posted     Les 


  1. Lets hope there are no more problems

  2. You have had more than your fair share of bad luck on your epic voyage Les. You and I had a couple of clashes of personality :) but I have and always will have total respect for what you have done and continue to do. Here's hoping the rest of your trip runs smoothly (I genuinely believe it will) Keep safe, look after yourself a bit better and hopefully we will meet up at some point after you return. All the best ;)