Thursday, 29 August 2013

After driving pretty well every day for four weeks we finally arrived at our shipping agent at North Bergen just outside New York.  Sad that the journey has come to an end, but glad that we were going home to meet up with our family and friends. 

The fourth and final stage of our journey started when I met Glyn Maher and Roger Winkworth when they arrived at Vancouver July 22nd.  We left for Anchorage, a journey of 2200 miles and when we got there, we then turned around and travelled south along the Alaska highway to Calgary and the US border. We then went east to New York.  A total journey distance of 7,705 miles. 

The exacting and demanding pace of the driving continuously day after day has a draining effect on your body, so when we arrived at North Bergen we were pretty shattered and in need of some R&R. I have grown very attached to the Suzukis and was sad to see them being strapped down in the container for the last time.  

I just hope the container arrives at Southampton as scheduled this time.  Les

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  1. I trust they have a safe journey and get to Southampton OK