Monday, 19 August 2013

What has Les done now???

Wednesday 14th, driving through Yellowstone National park, it's difficult to describe how wonderful it is. Wild animals in their natural habitat, Buffalo grazing on the prairie, it's breathtaking.

That evening we arrived in Cody, a real mid west cowboy town, a Mecca for horse lovers and where steaks are the size of tennis rackets. After eating modestly over the past few days I decided to treat myself to a decent 1 inch thick, 18 ounce monster of a rib-eye. When it come it was over hanging the plate! I looked at it for a minute and thought .....there is only going to be one winner here. Luckily it was me, what a steak.

We stayed an extra day and visited the Buffalo Bill historic centre to soak up the cowboy feeling, and guess what? We are going to the rodeo tonight! I think we'll stick to observing rather than trying our hand in bronco riding.

The next day we will visited the Little Bighorn and Custer's last stand. As a kid I used to go to the pictures and watch Errol Flynn being the last one to die at the Little Big Horn. 

This is the nearest I would get to where it actually happened, another of my life long ambitions has been achieved. I stood where 200 solders met their end. It is a sad and solemn place.  Just to stand there and think what actually happened that day, wondering were they mad men or martyrs, who knows. General Armstrong Custer was a hero to all Americans.

After that we were on our way to Murdo when we decided to stop for some lunch. I asked the guys to go ahead and order, I was going next door to the motorcycle shop to ask where I could get the tyres on the Jimny changed around. I came out a short time later owning a 1979 Triumph Bonneville!!!

It's sure to end in divorce but this is how it happened …... as I was leaving the shop I noticed a Triumph looking sorry for its self standing in the middle of a row of new plastic bikes. I looked at it for a while admiring a fantastic piece of history, then I decided to sit on it. This I should not have done.

It is about 55 years since I last sat on a bike like this one and the old memories came flooding back. The bike is a piece of British engineering and history and I felt it needed to be a home in England.

I knew that I would have a problem getting Vi to agree to the purchase so I thought that it would be better to ask for forgiveness afterwards rather than trying to get permission before!! Les


  1. Don't think my wife would forgive me, more like being told not to bother coming home. The littlebig horn does not look like how I thought it would.

  2. 79 'Bonnie' should sound nice Les, you only live once go for it.
    Oh you already did ..

    atb t ..