Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ukraine Border crossing experience

After kicking their heels in Warsaw for days they finally got on their way and crossed into the Ukraine yesterday morning ….. and as usual there's a story.

Now they've left what we all consider to be the more modern Eastern European countries they're now entering into the more communist influenced countries ….. the contrast was frightening according to Les. I put an humorous image of the bridge they may cross in the last blog, after looking at the video they sent back it seems it wasn't much better in reality. here's a snap...

It seems an individual can't cross into the Ukraine owning more than one vehicle …....... so after considerable discussion with the border guards, the guards worked out how to 'manage' their system so as to let them in.

Then there was the issue of vehicle insurance, Les researched that you could buy insurance at the border …........ what he wasn't prepared for was how. Basically it's 3 ladies sitting a large shipping container like building as their office, doing the paperwork for everyone. He did, however, emerge with the right paperwork to allow them to be in the country for a month.

Les in his usual style charmed them all with his banter, through Mariusz's interpretation of course and before he left one of the ladies insisted she have her photo taken with Les and the Jimny.

An lastly, they exchanged some money ....

They're hoping to be at the Russian border by Saturday so after the experience of the Ukraine border Les is just a little nervous.

After being 8 days behind schedule leaving Warsaw if they get into Russia without any hiccups they will start clawing back some of that time.

Les is OK, a bit tired from the long driving days they're doing now, a bit stressed that he's still so far behind schedule but still laughing.

Les missed his radio interview this morning due to not being able to use his phone, he hasn't got a local sim card yet but will do his best to get one when he crosses into Kazakhstan next week, so hopefully we'll hear him live with an update next week.

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  1. Hey great stuff there guys, recon the video will be great.