Monday, 29 April 2013

Come on in ......... Sir

Les always has a story to make you giggle and this is no different .....

Today was a tough day in some ways but ended on a promising note (some might say).  Due to the rough roads they're now on, one of the little Jimnys suffered a broken shock absorber bolt.  They stopped at what looked like a roadside cafe with some sort of engineering/repair shed to one side.

They were lucky, there was someone there to weld  what ever was necessary to get them on their way again ... great, now off for a coffee before heading off again.

After coffee Les needed to pee before they left and found the toilet was in another block separate from the cafe.  He headed off in that direction.  As he approached the toilet a girl walked past him clothed in only bra and pants ...... Les did a double take, they were out in the middle of nowhere after all.  When he'd got over that shock, another girl dressed in only bra and pants walked past ....... WHAT!!

He was only heading towards a roadside brothel ..... "Come on in Sir" Les was invited.

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