Monday, 29 April 2013

Japan .... to go or not to go???

As they cross the border in Russia and head for Samara, there's trouble brewing in the Heaven Can Wait I'm Busy camp.  As Les is now putting in long days on difficult roads ...........  to try and regain the 9 day delay, there is a question mark over whether they will be able to take the Jimnys to Japan.

Les made the assumption there would be paperwork required at the border, similar to what he has completed on his journey so far ... but that is not turning out to be the case.  The restrictions, paperwork and cost involved, coupled with the container ship rules saying the Jimnys now have to be on the container 5 days before the vessel leaving for Seattle when they get to the other side of Japan make it pretty much not viable. 

Talks with the Japanese Embassy are going on but just in case they can't go, research as to whether they can get them onto a container directly from Vladivostok to Seattle as a back up plan is also happening. Then there is the question mark about ferries and timescales at Vladivostok port, will they get there to coincide with a container ferry as they're not very regular it seems.

First, though, they're still 9 days behind schedule, due to be in Samara tonight.  They will have to drive more very long days and take short cuts to get to Novosibirsk on time to met the next crew.

So all is not well in the camp at the moment .... watch this space!!

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  1. Hey Japan is a must for a Start Suzuki are Japaneese and I think they will loos face if you don't go which is not good. I' think taking a later container to Seattle is a better bet.