Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The New Route

They've finally left Warsaw with all their passport and visa problems are behind them. Up until this point Les has been feeding information, pictures and video back as to what they've been up to, but for the next 10 to 15 days they're going to be putting in long driving hours and having very little time to have a look around the places they will be passing through. So I thought, along with the new route I would give you a little information on the places they will be rushing through.

From Warsaw they are heading for Zosin, a village on Route 74 and 816 situated on the River Bug in the eastern most point of Poland, close to the border with the Ukraine. It seems Zosin is not really on the tourist trail, it's very rural with considerable crop growing and it's not easy to find out much information about it but I did find this picture .....
They will cross into the Ukraine from Zosin, I'm hoping this is not the crossing!!

Their first town in the Ukraine is Ustilug, from there up to Kiev, the capital and largest city of the Ukraine. It's situated in the north central part of the country and is an important cultural centre of Eastern Europe. Kiev, historic, beautiful, a very modern city and home to many high tech industries.

Probably a place for Les to get lost in!!

From Kiev they'll travel slightly south east to Kharkiv where they will spend a night then further south to the Ukraine / Russian border crossing of Luhansk. Luhansk traces it's history to 1795 when the British industrialist Charles Gascoigne founded a metal factory there - the British get everywhere!! The city is now an important industrial centre of Eastern Europe.

An older region of Luhansk

From Luhansk they cross the border into Russia, hopefully on the 26th, head for Volgograd and onto Samara where they will then be back onto their original published route. Although they might be back on their original route from here, the push will still be on to get to Novosibrisk in time to meet up with the new crew. Lets hope both the crew and the little Jimnys are up to the job.

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