Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hi guy's, my apologies for not making contact sooner, but what with the excitement of finally seeing an end to preparation and actually starting the journey, focusing on getting things right at the beginning I haven't had time to get something typed up for you. However I have been told by Maureen that if I didn't do something pretty quick I will be in trouble, trust me you don't mess with Maureen, so here I go.

I think you are ahead of me in as much as Maureen and Keith have feeding the web site with up to date info so what I have to say will fill in the gaps so that you get a picture as to what has been going on. Sunday was absolutely perfect, I had hoped that there would be a good turn out but it was far better than I expected. I tried to make sure  I said hello to everybody, but if I missed anybody out please except my apologies.  Thanks also to Vi my lovely wife, Maureen, Keith and Penny, Alun, Guy, Robert, Trevor, Alan, Glyn, Roger, Graham, Mike, Roland,Keith, Julian and everybody that helped me bring the project together.

Well guys I started this article with the full intention of bringing you up to date but it is 12.30 and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. We are driving to Gdansk in Poland tomorrow from Leipzig, about 650 kilometres so I had better get some sleep. More soon.


Somewhere in Poland