Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Great send off for The Ultimate Challenge

The Novotel at Southampton really looked after us well on Sunday morning.  Lovely bacon butties, pastries, tea and coffee to keep us all happy and smiling in the cold.  A great atmosphere as the crew chatted with all the people who came along, gave interviews to both the TV stations there filming, and to Viewpoint Productions who are putting together the While We Have Time film.

Les was in his element being a star, but the final goodbyes with the family did bring a tear to the big guy's eye. Julian Clegg read a poem put together from extracts from poems from famous travellers which was really lovely.  You can see that here

So after a couple of hours of good hearted ribbing, performing for the cameras, emotional goodbyes, they were finally on their way.

The first day's travel was thankfully uneventful, as after two years of build up Les could really do with a rest if truth be told. The second day they were at Nurburgring and as all men are really still little buys, got all excited about taking the Jimnys around the track. They were probably the slowest vehicles on the circuit, but that didn't stop them being the happiest!!

I still don't have pics of that yet despite nagging them all today, but will not give up and as soon as I get them they will go up online.


  1. Great start guy's keep it up and good luck.

  2. Great to see the fantastic journey eventually get under way.
    All the planning that has taken it to this day came off a treat.

    You’re almost on your own now guys, except we will be watching you.

    Atb t ..